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Vaccination station to open in Tyumen Roshchino

Roshchino airport  /  Photo: Roshchino airport

A coronavirus vaccination point will open at the first-aid post of the Tyumen airport Roshchino from October 29, the airport said on Instagram.

There it will be possible to get the vaccinations «EpiVacCorona», «Sputnik V» and «Sputnik Light». It is assumed that employees of the airport, organizations located near it, as well as residents of the Tyumen region will be able to get vaccinated at the airport. Roshchino noted that passengers are not recommended to get vaccinated before the flight.

The vaccination point will be open from 09:00 to 17:00 on the ground floor of the terminal.

Earlier, NEFT wrote that in the Tyumen region, employees without a COVID-19 vaccination will be suspended from work, and people with a medical outlet will be transferred to a remote location. So, the first component of the vaccine must be vaccinated before November 12, the second — until December 3.

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