Vice-Mayor of Surgut became the head of Langepas

Sergey Gorobchenko  /  Photo: investment portal of Surgut

Deputy head of Surgut (Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug) Sergey Gorobchenko became mayor of Langepas. He was elected unanimously at a meeting of the City Duma on November 1.

«Sergei Gorobchenko was elected the head of Langepas. All 20 deputies voted for him. The inauguration will take place today at 17 o’clock», — said the NEFT in the City Duma. They clarified that Gorobchenko’s opponent was Langepas Duma deputy Vladimir Gorolevich, no one voted for him.

Gorobchenko previously worked as the vice-mayor of Surgut, he oversaw the areas of civil defense and emergency situations, control and administration, as well as a special department.

Earlier, NEFT wrote that in the Surgut region, the deputies re-elected the head. Andrei Trubetskoy was appointed for the second term.

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